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Harvestman monster

Harvestman monster
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Harvestman monster
Harvestman monsterHarvestman monsterHarvestman monster

Harvestman monster

The memorial at grove park was covered in harvestman or Opiliones today which gave me a chance to try out my new macro lens and flash.

The Harvestman's body was only about 4mm in length though the long spindly legs stretch out a few inches. As you can see it only has two eyes and a single body segment which means its not a spider. Even though it is in the order of Arachnids Its probably closer related to a Scorpion than a spider. We do get Scorpion's in the UK but they are super rare.

The picture was taken hand held at about 1.5-2 x magnification at 21 mega pix . Its a real challenge work at this kind of magnification as the pictures get darker and darker with each times magnification as the effective aperture setting increases, so a specialist flash is essential. The depth of field is almost non existent at this magnification.


Posted by DWPhotography
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